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The Biggest Problem with Synthetic Leather and How You Can Fix It

Are you unsure whether you are looking for PVC synthetic leather or PU synthetic leather?
1- What is the right backing for you, or how can you reduce cost?
2- How do you make sure there are no quality problems?
3- Which is the right synthetic leather for your application?
4- Or simply feeling lost between the ample choices available, the backing of the synthetic leather, which thickness is right for you, whether should you go for PVC or PU, and who is that person who can guide you and help you to make the right choice.

Hi, my name is Nimit Shroff and I am the director at Shroff Impex Pvt Ltd. We provide synthetic leather to manufacturers across India and in the last 21 years, we have helped more than 370 manufacturers generate a revenue of more than Rupees 7800 crores. Some of our biggest customers include Bata India, Liberty Shoes, Farida Group, Gupta H. C. Overseas, and many more.

After going through this short article, you will have a good understanding of which is the right material for your requirement, what backing should you choose, how can you bring the price of your product down, and most importantly not have any quality issues.

Let us think from your customer�s point of view. If the price of your product in genuine leather and synthetic leather is the same, what will he choose? I don�t need to wait for your answer- OF COURSE genuine leather. And the biggest reason is ASSURANCE of quality. So let�s first address that.

PVC leather is very durable, economical, and is not affected by moisture in the air. Even if exposed to rain and natural elements, nothing happens to its top layer. But ordinary PVC is heavy, can have lines of the backing visible on surfaced after stretching, and after spray finish, it looks like plastic (not like genuine leather).

With PU leather, on the other hand, even the best of the experts can go wrong in distinguishing it from genuine leather unless they don�t cut the material. But PU leather chosen without understanding your requirement can have a host of problems. Mainly, being peeling out of the top layer. Comparatively, PU leather can be expensive as its finish is close to genuine leather. But with the right backing material, we can have durable PU leather at very economical price.

Just to give you an idea, that even Louis Vuitton (avg price of handbag is Rs.3 lakhs) uses PVC and you get a durable pair of footwear in PU leather with 2 years upper guarantee at Rs 399.

In fact, we are the only company in India which gives a warranty of 2 years on our SSC GOLD range of PU material. We also have developed a special range in PVC which is lightweight, looks like genuine leather, and is extremely durable with no backing material impression. Our catalog consists of 1100 SKU�s and at any given time we have more than 700 different SKU�s of synthetic leather in our 3 warehouses to cater to the diverse needs of shoe manufacturers.